Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fishy Behavior

Sexual harassment is nothing to joke about. Unless it involves fish, then I think it's okay. It's okay, isn't it? Please don't file a complaint against me. I need this job.

I'm not happy with Brad's fishy face -- his raised eyebrows make him look surprised. I guess it's okay if most people don't get it at first -- as long as they figure it out eventually. Here is a handy illustration to help you enjoy this episode.

I can understand animators anthropomorphizing fish for our entertainment -- Finding Nemo was a lot of fun. But when serious fish researchers do it, is that right? Sexual harassment? Female bonding? In fish? Really?

The article I read didn't say how the female fish bonded. They can't go shoe shopping. To my knowledge, there have been no Sex and the City screenings underwater. I guess they can go out for sushi. Anyone have any ideas?


Red Pill Junkie said...

I used to have a fresh-water aquarium tank when I was younger. I didn't have guppies, but I did have mollies. They really are abusive fish, very territorial.

And of curse, there's is betas —those Siamese fighting fish you keep in tiny toy-like tanks— the aquarium stores encourage you to buy 2 females whenever you want the male to breed; you need 2 because one will be immediately killed and eaten by the male, the other will be killed too after laying the eggs, if you don't remove her from the tank. In light of that, sexual harassment seems almost like polite behavior in the animal kingdom.

Reine said...

Fish are "easy."
The real problems begin when we start anthropomorphizing other humans. Sounds contradictory? But I often start human dealings with the deluded concept that "the other" and "I" share similar values/responses. Might as well be chatting up a fish!
Someone always ends up F-ed and/or eaten.