Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mortuary Science

When I read this story, I honestly had the exact same thought that Brad did. Why is this illegal? A funeral home employee snitched and they exhumed the body to check it out. Really? Why? Who cares?

If you're not familiar with the name mentioned at the end, David Frum was a speechwriter for Bush who helped spin us into the Iraq war with the phrase "the axis of evil." He's a "true American hero." He's also the son of a multi-millionaire real estate developer. A lot of conservatives (and liberals too, I admit) join the cause due to a pet issue, such as abortion or terrorism. I'm guessing his is the estate tax.

The estate tax is a good example of how they try to use jargon to spin ideas. Nobody minded the estate tax because, as its name implied, it only applied to rich people. So the Republicans renamed it the "death tax." That didn't work on me. My feeling was, "Hey, why not tax the dead? They don't care. And even if they did, what are they going to do about it? Screw you dead guys."

I have to give props to Frum for one thing, though. Even he came out against Sarah Palin as being obviously unfit for the job. So I'll give him that.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I'm 6'-4"... hopefully by the time I die, they will have either invented caskets with flexible materials... or Soylent Green crackers (the latter seems more plausible with each passing day).

PS: Despite my hatred for the voices of your characters, I admit I've grown fond of your cartoon comments :)

shipping troll said...

Just think, if he had been a tissue donor there would have been no bones in the legs to cause this problem. They would have put in some PVC pipe to hold the shape in whatever length they needed to fit the coffin, and rolled the extra under! That's why they can take whatever they want out of my body and toss the rest in the incinerator. No evidence!!

Jeremy said...

ROFL! I love Brad's rant. A guy walking around in Heaven with stumps! ROFL! What a visual!

And the David Frum jab at the end is priceless!

The Death tax thing is another case of "What about when it happens to me!" that people worry about. Like Joe the Plumber thinking "I could be rich, so don't tax them!"