Friday, April 3, 2009

New Mexico

This is the kind of episode where I fear some stand-up comedian will contact me and say I ripped off his New Mexico joke. I don't think I've heard any of these jokes before, but I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the first to make them. Co-invention happens all the time.

A few years ago I had the thought that it must be really hard to throw away an old garbage can -- the garbage man would just be confused by the empty can at the curb and leave it behind. Then last year NBC ran the first SNL (an episode I know I saw back in the day) and George Carlin told that joke. Somehow it lodged in my subconcious for decades, waiting to pop out as what I thought was an original idea. But then again, maybe I had forgotten it entirely and my idea was, in essence, "original." Who knows? But as unintentional as it would have been, if I had used the garbage can joke in a DI, someone would have remembered the Carlin bit and assumed I was stealing from the master. Yikes. I hope nothing like that ever happens, but it probably will. Maybe it already has.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get them to pronounce Albuquerque correctly. No matter, the mispronounciation is funnier.


Christy said...

Uncle Dave,

I really hope you keep up DI and that the new ways of reaching an audience will help.

Much love...

Red Pill Junkie said...

My vato homies are only reclaiming what was officially ours back in the XIX century. We figured that you never intended keeping all that land permanently, did you? Otherwise you would have changed all the Spanish names (Los Angeles, anyone?) ;-)

culley said...

I will talk to my local neighborhood Don and see if we can't get you designated the official state blog of New Mexico. In case you missed our governor being booted from the labor department, little favors like this get called in all the time around here.


Dan - King of your New Mexico Fan Club.

Jeremy said...

al buh ker kee

George Carlin is definitely the master! He had such a sharp intellect that its hard not to think something he has already thought or said. He even did bits where he touted that he says things people have never ever said or though before. (Its X-rated so I won't repeat it here)

I came across that garbage bin dilemma once, but it was plastic, so I just cut it up with a utility knife and put the pieces in my new bin.