Wednesday, April 22, 2009

World Records

Seriously, I'm thinking of getting a job with the Guinness Book of World Records people. They must be one of the few companies hiring in this economy, what with every nutcase in the world trying to set some kind of record. Plus, free Guinness!

I think I hold the world record for the creation of semi-funny, semi-animated semi-films. For whatever that's worth.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I think I once read on Discover magazine that Malaysia was the country with more people obsessed about setting a world record on anything. And I mean ANYTHING —it seemed to be something of a national pride.

To me, establishing a record on something would mean it involves an activity that people do for reasons other than merely establishing a world record. Otherwise the number of records becomes infinite... and pointless.

Then again, what's the use of setting an asinine record? To attain immortality? Does the woman in India thinks so lowly of herself that she thinks the only reason people would bother to remember her is as the person who rubbed more chili peppers on her eyes?

Well, gotta go. I need to keep working on setting my record of more trivial blog entries written on a single day :-P

BlueRaja said...

I now hold the world record for most posts made by me on this page.

Anonymous said...

Your posts may be semi-animated semi-films, but seldom semi-funny. They're usually hilarious, often laugh-out-loud funny.

Dave Stratton said...

Thanks anonymous. Making such an outrageous, inflamatory statement, I can see why you'd prefer to remain anonymous.

You're probably afraid I'll start stalking you. Perfectly understandable. Because I would.