Monday, April 6, 2009

Hay Fever Relief

I have to thank Kevin Parsons for sending me this news story. With that to work with, the episode practically wrote itself.

A while ago I did an episode called Brain Worms and I still occasionally get visitors who stumbled on this site as a result of a Google search for "brain worms." I picture someone getting a disturbing diagnosis, doing a search to see what they are up against and then finding a silly little video that makes light of their plight. So if you came here looking for serious relief for your hay fever -- sorry.

For those of you so kind as to be fans on the Facebook fan page, there's a new exclusive clip up there for you to see. Enjoy. But if you go there to see it and don't click "Become a Fan", shame on you.


Luc Tremblay said...

I think this is my favorite episode to date :P The smile and the look at the camera at the end cracked me up. Well done!

Jeremy said...


Holy crap this is another masterpiece man, seriously! Her smile seems to be magical, whenever you use her smile as a statement you know its a good episode. Just like Avian Genital Tongues. I can go on about that one all day, dude.

Plus it had extra relevance for me since that's about the same time I discovered the hay fever remedy.