Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meat for Sex

Humans are more like our ape cousins that we like to admit.

I like the ending of this one. I think it's funny without being "jokey." I hope you enjoyed it too.


Jeremy said...

Good movie, but I wonder why people are making a big deal of this being some sort of proof that we are like apes (an therefore descended from them) when there are a LOT of animals that lure mates with various tactics and items.

patrick said...

That was pretty funny -- I especially like the "tail for tail policy" line and the last line.

BlueRaja said...

Jeremy: The 'humanist' viewpoint of biology/psychology states that humans are fundamentally different from animals. People who are opposed to this idea (myself included) like to point and say, "look, look, we're animals too."

Also, most biologists don't believe humans descended from apes, but rather that humans and apes descended from a common ancestor.