Friday, April 17, 2009

Chocolate Inhaler

This is a real product. If companies can afford to develop and launch products like this, the credit crunch can't be that bad. Maybe the recovery has begun.

Here's a picture of the inhaler. It's called the LeWhif and it costs $53 for 24 whiffs of chocolate smell. I'm not kidding.

When creating this clip I actually put a little effort into finding a good name for the strip club. I did a quick Google search and found PoleKatz, and that sounded perfect. Apparently the food is very good there. I'd go, but those stripper shoes scare me.


Smooth said...

If we eve have a Deadpan Inc. fanclub mixer, I propose PoleKatz as the location.

Dave Stratton said...

Okay...but I'm going to wear a hockey mask. Can't be too careful.

Jason said...

Appreciated your effort confirming a strip club name. Apparently you're not listening to the same radio stations as me.

I believe there's a strip club in Wisconsin called Cruisin' Chubbies. I hear they have lovely bread pudding.