Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gay Elephants

Bam! Short and sweet. All the fun in half the running time.

If homosexuality exists in nature in the form of gay penguins and gay elephants, isn't it logical to conclude that homosexuality in a certain percentage of humans is "natural." Dare I say "created by God"? Of course, anti-gay-rights people would argue that cannibalism exists in nature, but we don't legalize that. Yeah, they would compare another person's love life to cannibalism. That's how they roll.

The National Organization for Marriage (NAMBLA)* just did a commercial featuring actors saying scary things about gay rights in front of a stormy background. Stephen Colbert did a perfect parody of it on The Colbert Report. If you haven't seen it, you should. Too funny.

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It's probably not a good idea to post someone else's video that is funnier than my own, but I couldn't resist sharing this. I love how the teacher instantly turns flamboyantly gay after the lightning strike.

*I stole that NAMBLA gag from The Daily Show. (It's an homage, not stealing, if you give attribution.) They used to do it all the time, whenever they covered an association with an acronym for a name. I think they retired it.


Jeremy said...

As a (liberal) Bible believing Christian here is how I see it:

After the fall of Adam the human body started becoming less and less perfect. This is when mutations were introduced to DNA that make all sorts of things possible, such as cancer, tumors, left-handedness, different blood types, homosexuality, etc. The Bible makes it clear that "the whole of creation groans" meaning all plants and animals are effected.

Left-handed people were once beaten in some schools until they learned to write "correctly." The same thing is done with gays by ignorant people today, only it's done mentally.

Dave Stratton said...

While I think many gay people would take exception to Jeremy's description of it as a "flaw," I think it's a far more enlightened viewpoint than many in the religious community in that it acknowledges that sexual orientation is usually not a choice. (I say "usually" only to account for the small minority of bisexual people who choose the gay lifestyle.) Most knew all along, or eventually became aware, that their orientation was just part of who they are. I certainly don't remember ever choosing to like girls. Whether or not homosexuality is viewed as a flaw or not, it is undeniably unfair to discriminate against a class of people who had no choice in the way they are.

I personally don't think it's a flaw -- just a neutral difference. More like left-handedness or red hair than a cleft-palette. Obviously evolution has favored straightness since straight people can reproduce.

Colbert had a guest on the other night (Douglas Kmiec) who voiced the exact opinion I've had about the gay marriage issue for quite a while -- that government shouldn't be in the marriage business. "Marriage" is a religious sacrament, and the government should have no part in endorsing one religions' sacrament over another. We should all (straight or gay) have access to the same domestic partnership agreement that covers such matters as property rights, joint tax returns, hospital visitation, etc. Then if you want to be married, you do that in a church (or a chapel in Vegas) -- and the government can't dictate what kind of marriage a church performs. With this, all the fears that "gay marriage" will somehow degrade "straight marriage" should go away. If you don't believe in gay marriage for religious reasons, stick to a church that shares that view -- and stop trying to impose your beliefs on others. It's more than semantics -- by dis-coupling the govt. contract and the sacrament, religious freedom and equal rights can co-exist.

Jeremy said...

I apologise if I made being gay sound like a flaw. It would only be a flaw if you also see being left-handed or having a rare blood type as a flaw.

The theory of evolution is literally build on "flaws" so if you subscribe to that theory you should see flaws as good.

I mentioned that I am a liberal minded person and in such believe strongly in civil liberties. If you read the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus was always hanging out in people's houses that very conservative Jews didn't like, such as tax collectors and people the didn't stay kosher. He felt it important to live in the real world, not only as his purpose for being here, but for a regular human as well.

I am a Seventh-Day Adventist who believes that we (not we as in everyone, just me and my family) should not do business or generally work on Saturday (The Sabbath) because God sanctified that day and set it aside for us to rest. It is a central part of our religion to ensure religious freedom to everyone because just as Barack Obama said, if we are a Christian nation, which Christianity are we? Baptist? Catholic? If we allow one group to dominate, it puts pressure on my group to conform to them and since we don't believe the same things they do we would have to compromise.

The US is built on religious freedom, not Christian freedom, but all religions. Absolutely the government needs to get out of the religious business. Marriage is not always a religious matter. I enjoyed that interview on Colbert because I think the guy is right on.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Considering homosexuality and left-handedness a 'flaw', would be to imply that the bodies of most people are perfect. So if they are perfect, why do they degrade over time, or create aberrations when cellular code mistranslates after replication?

The idea of many religious people is that the human body is the peak of Creation—even the peak of evolution. This is obviously not the case, because in evolution there are no peaks. Evolution never ceases.

I used to enjoy enraging Catholics on blogs when they began their anti-gay arguments by positing it is an anti-natural behavior. Then you went out and showed that there are many examples of homosexuality in other species; that's when they stopped supporting their arguments on Nature and went with the 'cannibalism' spin.

They particularly didn't like my argument of milk-drinking as a much more anti-natural behavior than homosexuality— think about it: our society sees nothing wrong with adults still drinking the liquid secretions intended not only for the nourishment of developing individuals, but also individuals of a DIFFERENT species!! LOL

Jeremy said...

Red Pill Junkie,

I hope I made it abundantly clear that I don't consider being gay a flaw.

Adam WAS the peak of creation, but he ruined it. Modern humans are nowhere near perfect.

BlueRaja said...

Hello, this marker is red. I believe I asked for purple.