Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lickable Ads

Another real news item just made for this blog.

I wonder if this technology could save the newspaper industry. If a semi jack-knifes and spills its load of marshmallow Peeps all over the highway, you could lick the story to taste them. If a world leader upchucks on another world leader*, you could taste whatever it was that made him hurl. If they announce a recall of peanut butter products and you don't know what peanut butter tastes like, you could taste it. The possibilities are endless.

*In case you're too young to remember, this actually happened. George Bush Sr. threw up on the Prime Minister of Japan. It happened at a fancy Japanese state dinner and it was awesome.


Anonymous said...

I could let my dog choose her food by tasting various dog food ads! This would be even better for cats, since they're way more finicky. They probably wouldn't lick the ad, though, where a dog will lick almost anything.

Red Pill Junkie said...

"Here's the youtube clip -- I think the audio might have been enhanced."No shit! I thought I was watching a clip from 'Naked Gun' :-P