Thursday, April 9, 2009

Odeur de l'espace

Don't worry, this episode isn't in French. I just thought it would be fun to name it like a futuristic perfume inspired by the fragrance.

I realized after I finished this that he should have referred to it as a "mysterious" odor. If you didn't know the astronauts were confounded by it, the joke could be lost. Oh well, what can I do? Re-do it? I don't think so. Moving on.


carol.kimball said...

"Mysterious" odor or not, the reason Brad and Lily could potentially be smarter than astronauts is that by definition, astronauts are not scientists but simply people who are trained to pilot a spacecraft (or serve as a crew member). Therefore, astronauts may or may not be scientists who would conjecture about ozone layers. An astronaut could be a school teacher, politician, journalist or wealthy tourist. Then again, you would think that anyone, scientist or not, would make that ozone connection. I really don't know where I'm going with this.

Lori said...

They're assuming that ozone particles drift up. They may be heavier and fall. And what does ozone smell like, anyway? Oh - I also vote for pink spacesuits for women. Or men.