Friday, January 23, 2009

Nine-Year-Old Author

Believers in the American Dream say that if you work hard, follow your dream and keep a positive attitude, success will come to you. Or you can be a nine-year-old whose classroom writing project gets shown to a highly imaginative agent. Good for him. He deserves every dime of that movie deal. He earned it, didn't he? I'm not bitter.

I'd better stop typing now before I go off on a long, ugly rant about ageism in the advertising and new media industries. They'd all hire nine-year-olds and pay them in candy if the labor laws allowed it. See you Monday.

Hey, almost is the last day to submit your version of Blind Man to the musician challenge. All submitted songs will be posted in a special weekend edition tomorrow. Check it out. And if you haven't submitted your version yet, get going. You still have this evening to blow us away.

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martin said...

the surprised look that he has after the "It's not like I'm talking to you by choice" line cracked me up.