Monday, January 26, 2009

Fish Pedicure

I have a friend who posts the most amazing Facebook status updates. "Friend Name is in the Falkland Islands." "Friend Name is riding an elephant in Thailand." "Friend Name is fleeing hyenas." "Friend Name is having a fish tickles." If I didn't know her, I'd think she's just making stuff up. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous of her adventures. Though I'd probably pass on the fish pedicure.

Here's the obligitory photo in case you thought I made this up.* The fish are a kind of carp called garra rufa, which means "doctor fish."

*I do occasionally make something up. I'm willing to admit that the town of Congerville was probably photographed at least once in its history.


patrick said...

I had heard that the want to make those fish pedicures illegal here in California. They sound like an interesting idea -- kind of like using ants to pick skeletons clean.

Dave Stratton said...

You use ants to pick skeletons clean!? I'm notifying the authorities right now.

I guess you wouldn't want to fall asleep during a fish pedicure and wake up hours later with skeleton feet. That would suck.

BlueRaja said...

I lol'ed so hard at his blank face. This format really works for your material, Dave

shipping troll said...

Thank you!

Jeremy said...

Actually, that sounds nice! The fish will only eat dead flesh, just like maggots (which were used for years to heal wounds with a lot of necrotic flesh).

I wish my fish would pick my feet clean, but I don't think he can get over the smell.