Thursday, January 8, 2009

Larry Craig's Bathroom

When I read last week that tourist attendance at that Minneapolis airport bathroom had dropped off, I was shocked. Not that interest had fallen, but that anyone would have gone out of their way to see an "infamous" airport bathroom. Seriously?

If their last comments left you scratching your head, you'll want to dig up the Ten Commandments episode from November.

Now that I'm sticking with the xtranormal format, there might be a way I could get de facto ownership of these characters: if Deadpan Inc. became so famous, went so viral, that anyone else who used these characters would look like they were ripping me off. How can you help make that happen? (I naturally assume you want to help and have nothing better to do.) Have you become a fan on Facebook? Have you submitted your favorite episodes to sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, BuzzFeed, etc.? Do you wear DI branded apparel everywhere you go? Have you purchased radio or television advertising to promote DI? Think of all you could be doing. Whatever you do do to spread the word, I appreciate it. And yeah, I said doodoo. Grow up.


rcg said...

Think of Xtranormal as a set of Lego blocks. Everyone pretty much uses the same blocks. You just put them together better than most of the other people.

I don't think that the existence of other movies with the same characters dilutes your series.

munchy365 said...

I want to help and have nothing better to do.