Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Winter Classic

I live in the Chicago area, and last week the local news media went absolutely nuts over this outdoor hockey game. I really didn't see how bad sight lines and freezing cold added to the experience. I guess you could follow the action on the Jumbotron, but if that's how you're watching the game, couldn't you duplicate the effect by sitting in an uncomfortable chair in your back yard and watching your TV though a window?

Because this episode is about hockey, I've included a French version for our Canadian friends. Though, I suspect that most hockey loving Canadians are going to hate this episode. Oh well, can't please everybody.

As a youngster, I played hockey outdoors on a frozen lake, but that experience didn't make me go all mushy for the Winter Classic. I just never got into watching hockey. Some sports are more fun to play than to watch. Golf for example -- I enjoy a round of golf but rarely get any pleasure out of watching tournaments. Ultimate fighting cage matches, on the other hand, I'd rather watch than participate in.

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