Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blind Man: Musician Challenge Winners

I have to admit, I would have liked to receive more responses to the Blind Man musician challenge. Three would have been awesome. Maybe I overestimated the appeal of lyrics about beating up a blind man. Some people just don't get irony. But quality trumps quantity any day. These outstanding submissions are presented in the order in which they were submitted.

First up is Brian Day of Wilmette, Illinois. Brian Day kicks ass. Brian is easily one of my top three favorite guys who are married to one of my wife's sisters.

Next up is Martin Fisher of San Diego, California. You might want to drop some X and snap some glow sticks before hitting play on this one.

Two great entries -- I really can't choose one winner. So thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, Deadpan Inc. will be awarding both Brian and Martin a Grand Prize: the 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo* -- the orange model shown below.

Did I forget to mention there was a prize? Sorry. But if you need some kind of "prize" to motivate you, what kind of artist are you, anyway?

Maybe at this point you're thinking, "Dammit! I recorded a version of Blind Man and forgot to send it in! I can't believe I missed the deadline!"

Or, "Dammit! I can't believe those songs won! I could do much better than them!"

Or, "Dammit! If you won't do what's necessary to get the information we need from this terrorist, I will!"

That last one only applies to Jack Bauer -- I don't know how that got in there. But if either of the first two applies to you, feel free to go ahead and send me your version of Blind Man and I'll post it with the others. You're too late to win the Gallardo, but not too late to blow us away with your succulent chops. And if you're tempted to just leave a snarky comment about one of these efforts, remember -- each one is 10,000% better than what you sent in.

See you Monday. Be kind to blind people.

*I'm kidding. I would never enter into a sponsorship deal with a foreign car company.


Cellar Door said...

Martin Fisher is my choice. The computer voice gives it a suitable feel, I think.

BlueRaja said...

I think you're overestimating the interest there is in good lyrics. Anyone can write a poem - fitting that to a tune is the hard part (which, incidentally, is why I don't like rap: it's just poetry for gangsta's)