Friday, January 16, 2009

Bye Bye, Bush

Did you see President Bush's farewell address last night? I was surprised he was so gracious -- I expected him to be the first president to leave office flipping off the nation. There's still time -- could be the departing helicopter shot.

A few weeks ago, the elder Bush was asked if he thought his son had any failures while in office, and he suggested we go to "the google" for that answer. I guess we can assume from that response that he agrees wholeheartedly with each and every one of the 2,860,000 responses to the search term "Bush failures." No wonder he favors Jeb.

If you want a more accurate count of Bush's failures, perhaps because you're in a manic phase of your bipolar disorder and want to come down, check out the list of 128 Bush failures at The Center for Public Integrity.

By the way, I'm pissed at The Colbert Report. The day after I made this clip, they did a bit on Obama plates, including a "Not Microwave Safe" gag. Is it possible that the Colbert writers are trolling xtranormal to poach my jokes before I get a chance to post them on my blog? That's what I'd like to believe. Those bastards.


BlueRaja said...

I think he was referring to this, a googlebomb which was fixed about a year ago.

Dave Stratton said...

If Bush Sr. was dropping a reference to that googlebomb, he's a lot hipper than I thought he was. Thanks for reminding me about that. Notice how the right-wingers countered it by trying make Michael Moore the top result.