Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sting Hates Roxanne

Here's something that's been on my mind since the eighties.

This probably goes without saying, but if you know Sting, or know someone who knows Sting, please do not forward this episode. The last thing I need now is to have Sting pissed at me.


Jeremy said...

I think Sting would think its funny, especially since you vindicate him at the end. Have you seen the episode of Little Britain with him in it? He let David Walliams kiss him. He can't be too stuffy. He seems like a pretty awesome guy to me.

BTW, do you really think Sting doesn't like the song Roxanne? Or is it a joke on the way he says "Rrrooooooooooooooxane...?"

Cellar Door said...

You don't care if it's wrong or if it is right.

Dave Stratton said...

Jeremy...You're right about that moment toward the end of the song where he sings "Rrroooooooxane" in sarcastic way being the inspiration for the line "I think he hated it when he recorded it." I doubt he hated it then, but he must be a little tired of it by now. He obviously takes his music seriously, so I'm sure he'd rather focus on his new material rather than rehashing an old hit like those nostalgia bands that play the street festival circuit. I think he would probably get a chuckle out of this.