Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, I think most of you will be happy to see a return to the original style of these episodes. In the new style I tried, I liked the voices and the ability to use unique images, but I admit that I also missed the little animated gestures more than I thought I would. Oh well. I'll have to wait until xtranormal goes off beta to see what options I'll have for customizing backgrounds and characters.

If you know the Woody Allen movie where the title of this entry comes from, you're showing your age. It does not refer to this nifty looking device that is also called an "orgasmatron."


Hey, want to see what this would have looked like in the new style? It's posted on the fan page on Facebook -- there's a handy link on the right. While you're there, become a fan and let your Facebook friends know about DI.


ldisme said...

always a catch. yeah, i'll remain 'old-fashioned'.

luvz these characters, thx for going back to them.

shipping troll said...

Yup the facial expressions make the movie!! that's too funny dude!