Friday, January 2, 2009

Mental Image Capture

Here's another news item worth noting. Even though the images they've been able to pull from people's brains have just been simple letter shapes, it's pretty darn amazing.

Here's a fun trick you could play on test subjects if you worked in that lab. As you're hooking up a guy to the machine, tell him, "Try really hard to concentrate on the letter shapes we showed you. Avoid thinking about penises." If you do work in the lab and are reading this, you probably shouldn't follow my suggestion -- it would probably mess up the experiment and get you fired.

Just because I mentioned, I have an excuse to throw in a picture from that site. I think it's an "official picture" because she's making a "B" with her legs. Clever!

Be sure to check in on Monday and let me know what you think of the new format I'm going to try. Making xtranormal films is a blast, and the ability to make them is what spawned this blog, but now that it's building an audience I think it should be more unique. I don't like the idea of these films looking like a lot of other people's films. So starting next week I'm going to experiment with a new look. I'm really curious to see your reaction -- that will play a big part in my decision whether or not to make this change permanent.


Christina Awesome said...

I am pretty sure that your new movie making method will be great, but I do like the recurring characters. I think that would be an important factor. Was that something you were planning on changing as well?

Dave Stratton said...

They will be the same characters, day after day, but starting Monday they will look and sound quite a bit different. But I think you'll get used to the change. The Facebook fan page will give you a hint this weekend.

PIRARO said...

I was just going to say I don't like the way you've slowed down the male's speech. It sounded more natural on previous posts. But now you're changing it, so no matter.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more French with subtitles!

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing talent, so whatever changes you're making I am sure they will make what was already great that much better! Keep it up- you're making us laugh!