Friday, June 19, 2009

Molson Retirees

A posting about beer seems like a good way to end the week. Enjoy the weekend - responsibly.

I know for some of you, especially college students, a 12-pack a week doesn't sound like that much. But I'd have trouble keeping up with it. Most days I could easily drink two beers a day, but often I'd miss a few days and before you know it I'd have a big backlog of beer stacking up and I'd have to start washing my hair in it. And if you've seen my hair, you know what a waste that would be.

I know it sounds like Brad is saying "Mole son," but it was either that or "mallson." You'd think that xtranormal, being a Canadian company, would have a better pronunciation of Molson in their text-to-voice software. They must be Labatt drinkers.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Molson doesn't look at the BIG picture.

If I were them, I would have increased the supply of beer to 100 12-packs. That way I ensure that I wouldn't have to pay their pensions for many years... because they're gonna be around that long >:) <----- evil grin

shipping troll said...

Labatt's Blue beats Molson any day. I drank Molson for years and It was almost a rule to find at least on bad one in every 6-pack. In 16 years of drinking Labatt's I have had less than 1 bad one per year. It helsp that I live 10 minutes from Canada and have the opportunity to sample their wares. I also enjoy the Canadian Ballet.

Anonymous said...

fyi - molson just bought the Montreal Canadiens. That's the hockey equivalent of the the new york yankees...or at least the red sox. So they can't be doing THAT bad.