Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ashes on eBay

Here's a real news item from England, or Great Britain, or whatever they call it now.

As soon as I finished this I wondered if I could find a picture of a gothic hourglass. It literally took about 15 seconds to find this image. Awesome. As you can see from the protective watermark, it's from a site called Obscuria, and they have a bunch of similarly emo things for sale there. I have no idea if I'm using the terms "gothic" and "emo" correctly.

If you're into this kind of thing, I actually have a friend who makes cool jewelery and accessories with a horror/vampire theme. She's a nice suburban mom and a not at all creepy. (Sorry for ruining the illusion, Rachel.) You can find her work here. Check it out.


Jeremy said...

Your point about things not botherIng you in heaven is spot on, which is why going to heaven straight after death makes no logical sense. The Bible makes it clear that when you die you are just sleeping or in Sheol as the Hebrews calledl it

As to the correct usage of 'emo' I dunno if that is correct or not. 'emo' usually refers to someone being really over emotional and dramatic.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I dunno. A thing like that hourglass could also have a great appeal among the Dungeon&Dragon fanboys, ya know? The ones who wear a black cape to hide their Cheeto-stained shirt ;-)

PS: If nothing bothers you while you're in Heaven, then why does the Virgin Mary insists on paying us visits to remind us we need to pray more the Rosary?

ObscuriaGothicShop said...

Thanks for the mention. Per the terminology, "Gothic" would be more appropriate in this case, due to the aesthetics of the hourglass. Emo refers more to a style of music, and the accompanying fashion and sometimes self loathing emotional component that can go with it.