Thursday, June 11, 2009

90-Year-Old Graduate

Another just-in-the-nick-of-time late night episode -- but I think it came out okay. Thanks, Jennifer, for the news item.

This episode got me thinking if unrelated outside factors influence public opinion polls. For example, are more people willing to go along with same-sex marriage on a Monday after a sunny weekend than after a rainy one? Hey Psychology students, there's a study you could do. (Talking to you, Daughter Stratton.)

I'm confident enough in my masculinity to admit I love SYTYCD. And before you say "that's kinda gay," let me ask you -- have you seen the body of a female professional dancer on HDTV? That SYTYCD action is hotter than Cinemax Late Night, and you don't get the stink eye from the wife for watching it. Win!


Red Pill Junkie said...

Does that SYTYCD syllogism also extend to professional ice-skating?

And you're probably right re. decision taking/day of week. Here in Mexico, election day is always on Sundays —but I'm gonna annul my vote this July 5th anyway.

PIRARO said...

I've gotten out of the habit of watching these and now I'm catching up. LOVE this one.