Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ten Commandments

Many of my posts are based on news items that catch my eye. This one, however, was inspired by my own life. Enjoy.

At the risk of revealing a spoiler, here's my design of the plaque mentioned in the video.


ldisme said...

this was laugh out loud funny, or it would have been, if it wasn't so deadpan.
wonder if there's any soap in the dentist's office

Anonymous said...

Posting at 7:00 a.m. every day. You're very punctual, Dave. That's a fine attribute that I'm sure any TV show producer looking to hire new writing talent would admire.

Keep up the hilarity.


Too lazy to sign up for a Google account

Smooth said...

This settles it, I'm dressing up as an anthropomorphic tooth next Easter. I just can't wait all the way until Halloween.

Cellar Door said...

I read somewhere- unfortunately, I can't remember at all where- that more than half of all male dentists have affairs with their female dental hygentists.

So there's some adultery goin' on!

I want your plaque.