Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Japanese Zookeepers

I think this one is a winner, but it's hard to tell what people will like. I just know there's a line in this one that made me laugh out loud, and I wrote the darn thing.

Have you noticed the spiffy new Deadpan Inc. logo in the header? I have my good friend Ryan Carpenter to thank for that. He'll be the first to own a certified authentic Deadpan Inc. t-shirt. Because it is ridiculously easy (and free) to set up an online store for branded merchandise, I have done that. The link to the store is on the right. I can't imagine anyone actually buying any of this stuff (though it is high quality merchandise), but people do strange things. Plus, if anyone ever asks me in a job interview if I've ever spearheaded a global e-commerce initiative, I can say, "Yes. Yes, I have."


Jeremy said...

ROFL! Good one!

Polar Bear Penis Expert indeed!

I would guess that Polar Bear balls are almost introverted from the cold. Either that or their sperm is well adapted to freezing temperatures.

Smooth said...

This was definitely a really good episode. The female officemate wondering about the use of Sailor Moon outfits in "Japanese polar bear porn" was my favorite part. Nice visual on that. Can polar bears wink and give a peace sign at the same time?

This is probably my favorite ep since the classic Avian Genital Tongues; who knew animal mating was such a comedy goldmine?

ldisme said...

new job opportunities in the north!

billibaldi said...

I would not put my hand so fast to be a polar bear penis expert because I am sure those Japanese zoo keepers are saying "Lemons to Lemonade. Two female polar bears! we don't need a male all we need is Polar Bear semen."

Damn, now I have Sarah Palin, Sailor Moon outfits and horny polar bears stuck in my mind.