Monday, December 1, 2008


Apparently Beyonce wants to start performing under the alter-ego Sasha Fierce. Why?? Is she trying to trick people into going to her concerts twice? "Wait a minute, that's Beyonce! I've already seen this show! Dammit."

Really -- why does she need an alter-ego? She's frackin' Beyonce. Now if I were to go on tour, I would need an alter-ego. Nobody would pay to hear me sing. Maybe something like "Andrea Bocelli" would work for me, if it isn't already taken.

Is it just me, or is Sasha Fierce possibly the only name more drag-queen-y than Beyonce? What's up with that?

I have to confess to being mesmerized by those "Upgrade Me" commercials, even though I'm at an age when I can't really say that out loud without sounding pervy. When precisely does that happen? One day it's perfectly acceptable to blurt out, "Whoa, check out Danica Patrick!" and another day it's not. It would be helpful to know when that cut-off point occurs.


Smooth said...

Another great vid. I liked the use of hand movements. If these videos aren't making you rich already, you might consider a career as a pop-locking choreographer.

ldisme said...

why does this make me glad i've never heard her sing? and hope never to.

re: the cut-off point — when you question, lol.

Anonymous said...

Your videos are funny. I am enjoying them each time I view them on the internet.

Dave Stratton said...

If you haven't seen the DirectTV ad I'm talking about and would like to, here's the link:

Cellar Door said...

You're very funny. I've gone to that link you gave to make the videos, and tried to do my own, and found it to be very difficult to be funny! Keep up the good work!