Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lucid Dreaming II

If this is your first time at Deadpan Inc., I owe you an apology. This clip won't be nearly as enjoyable to you as it will be to those who saw the first Lucid Dreaming episode. You should check that one out from the November archive before viewing this one. While you're at it, you might also want to check out the Avian Genital Tongues episode. I'm not sure I'll ever top that one.

This episode also reveals the winner of the Double Arm Transplant challenge. I received several punch lines that made me literally LOL, but this one conjured up a county fair eating contest image that stuck with me. "MMM, that sure looks good. But I'm wearing a new white shirt. What flavor is it again? Blueberry! Dammit. What to do? What to do?"

Because it's my prerogative, I'll take the last word with one more that I should have used in the original post. "He's really looking forward to dressing himself, riding his motorcycle and doing the Macarena."

Hey Deadpan me choose a tag line by responding to the poll in the right-side column. It just takes two little clicks. The poll ends Monday evening. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

"If you can stay awake..."

I think you mean asleep, no?

Dave Stratton said...

Oops. Yup, it should be "stay asleep." He got a little confused. I'm just the transcriber.

ldisme said...

luvz your characters

am going to vote for 'seriously?', but consider dropping the ? maybe.

Smooth said...

I came up with a better punchline than the venerable Dan Piraro? That really makes my Thursday.

Also, I am now for hire as a one-liner-writer. I can usually turn out one mediocre-to-good line per day. I do require a personal masseuse, a company car, and all the imitation krab I can eat.

Dave Stratton said...

It was a close call. All four of Dan's were excellent. But "eating pie in individual slices" was special.