Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Weapons

As long as there are people doing stupid things to get themselves in the news, the officemates will have something stupid to talk about.

As tonight is the third night of the Festival of Lights, it's a good a time to wish my Jewish friends Happy Hanukkah. I hope you weren't offended by this episode. Remember, it's not me saying this nonsense -- I'm just the transcriber.

Isn't it funny how some people can be completely ignorant of the celebrations of other cultures and then get bent out of shape when the seventeen-year-old Target employee says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Also chuckle-worthy: the White House sending out Hanukkah reception invitations with a Christmas tree on it. Here's the actual image, in case you missed it.

And should there be any doubt about what's being delivered, the sign on the wagon says, "White House Christmas Tree 2008." Heck-of-a job, Laura.


munchy365 said...

Oooog. That card makes me cringe.

Jeremy said...

I am a Christian but I celebrate/acknowledge most Jewish holidays because they are relevant to my faith in Jesus who was Jewish.

I was slightly offended the other day when a lady said "Merry Christmas." Of course I was also slightly offended when she asked if I was using a food stamp card when I was pulling out my debit card.

How does she know I am a Christian? I could just as easily be full Jew. I'm not a full blooded Jew, I'm just Jew-ish. Happy Holidays sound nicer anyway.

I have a steel Menorah so a strike with that could put someone into a coma!

Mel2 said...

As a Jew, I honestly don't care whether someone tells me happy holidays or merry Christmas. It's the nice thought that counts. So if they were holding me at gunpoint and saying happy holidays, it probably wouldn't count for much, see?

And yes, Cha-nukka menorahs make fierce weapons. They're heavy and can be wielded by the base.

The WH card cracks me up. I can't think of a way they could be more clueless. (Well I probably could, but them I'm afraid it would come true.)