Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Automaker Bailout

I wonder if those Big 3 automaker CEOs pulled an all-nighter last night getting their bailout proposal ready. I can see them hunkered down in a conference room, ordering in $1,000 caviar pizzas from Nino's Bellissima (Google it), pounding double espressos, sending their assistants out to score meth in the wee hours, etc. I hope they remembered to run Spell Check.

Notice how like the opening shots of A Touch of Evil and Boogie Nights this was filmed in one continuous shot. Pretty impressive, huh?

It's tough to be a car snob when you don't have any money. You can see the object of my automotive lust here. As an ardent follower of The Secret, I'm sure it will come to me someday.

Here's how that will play out. One of you will forward my link to an agent. The agent will sign me and get me a gig writing a TV show. The show will win an Emmy and go into syndication. I'll buy my Gallardo. It's a simple four-step plan. Let's get on it, people.


ldisme said...

i'm impressed

oh wait

that's depressed

shipping troll said...

I agree 100% about a GM apology for the Aztec. Not only to the people who had to look at it, but also to any possible descendant of the Aztec tribe for such a nasty insult!

Love your content man, not a dud yet. I too admit that I came here first on the advice of Piraro, and I have stayed due to your ingenuity with the ha-ha's. Good writing.