Friday, December 12, 2008

Itchy Rash

A major pharmaceutical company can't sue you if you lift statements right out of their three-page Newsweek ad, can they? I sure hope not.

If you are a sufferer of psoriasis and are about to leave an angry comment, please hold up a minute. I know it can be quite serious, and I didn't mean to make light of your affliction. If it causes you much suffering and you have confidence that your doctor can administer the drug in such a way as to minimize its risks, who am I to say you shouldn't go for it? I'm an idiot. There, I said it already, so you don't have to.


Jeremy said...

I love it. If you are seriously just reading what is in the fine print of the ad then I don't see how they could sue you.

I don't suffer from psoriasis though.

Smooth said...

Oddly enough, I have cripplingly severe psoriasis and (starting in my twenties) the painful arthritis that often goes with it. I have had the (dis)pleasure of taking Enbrel. Another med I took for a while is called Raptiva - some potential side effects: "Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML), a rare brain disease caused by a virus which usually results in death or severe disability" and - get this - "severe worsening or new forms of psoriasis". Seriously?

Without these drugs, I would be fucked, but I still think the warnings are pretty damn funny. And hey, maybe the crazy brain virus will eat the cancerous tumor that's likely forming next to it!

cheezencrackers said...

Hey. how'd you change/slow down the male character's voice? Fess up, Strat.

The following is my own fine print: I do not have psoriasis, lucid dreams, a shrinking polar bear penis, an avian genital tongue, swollen ankles nor a squirrel climbing up my leg. (That last one will make sense whenever my Dual Duel comment is approved.)

Dave Stratton said...

The xtranormal people did a major upgrade yesterday that changed his voice. Not sure I like it -- I was getting attached to his rapid-fire robotic delivery.

As soon as my first version published, I wanted to change it because there were some brand name references that made me paranoid about being sued. So of course, when I went to revise the clip, the site was down all day for the upgrade -- thus heightening my paranoria. Finally, I was able to make the change before getting a call from a corporate lawyer, and the dude had a new voice.

I'm sure that was a fascinating story for everyone.

munchy365 said...

Damn... I miss his old voice already and it's only been one episode.

Cellar Door said...

That was the best one yet.