Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miss California Miss

Sometimes Brad and Lily say really stupid things. But in this case, Brad's opinion exactly mirrors my own. I realize I'm a few weeks late with this. Sorry.

I don't really have anything new to add to the discussion. I'd just reiterate that her statement that she's proud to live in a land where people can choose same-sex or "opposite" marriage shows her to be an idiot. In most states there is no such choice. And she's not "proud" at all. She's actively working for groups committed to restricting marriage rights. If you're really proud to live in a free country, you support freedom, even when you have trouble stomaching some aspects of a free society. You don't advocate laws and amendments that restrict rights.


James said...

She's free to have an opinion on the matter, based on her religious views.

However, I do find it strange that she apparently thinks she knows better than God when it comes to her own tits.

I mean, God clearly wanted her to have smaller tits. And what did she do? She gave him a big F.U. She needed to win that pageant damnit!

Dave Stratton said...

Of course she's free to have an opinion. But what right does she have to impose that opinion on others? Like many people, she confuses the question "Should 'whatever' be legal?" with the question "Are you in favor of 'whatever'?" Two entirely different questions.

I hate tattoos, but I don't think they should be illegal.

I don't mind her new boobs or topless pictures, or even her misguided opinions, but it would be nice if our beauty queens had critical thinking skills.

shipping troll said...

(very whiny voice) But Dave... wouldn't that make them "Thinking Queens" and not "Beauty Queens"?

The true commentary on this is to ask who actually won the pageant? Miss mouth has gotten all of the attention and the "winner" has fallen into an oubliette. Thanks again Perez Hilton.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, I kind of admire the fact that she knew her answer would cost her the crown. I suppose I prefer integrity over political correctness —even if I don't agree with her opinion.

But I actually think you're wrong. The question part of the pageant is just to check if the silicon on their breasts hasn't risen up to their brains.

Just check out the answer a contestant to the title of Miss Panama gave about Confucius (sorry for not being trasnlated): the poor bootilicious idiot said that Confucius was the inventor of 'confusion'(????!!!), and she couldn't point out whether Confucius was Chinese or Japanese —she kind of guessed he was orientalish.

So yeah, given that example, Miss California's response wasn't that bad.

Dave Stratton said...

Did she really know it would cost her the crown? She started her answer trying to tap dance away from it with the line "I'm proud to live in a country where you can choose..." which is just factually wrong bullshit. Then she simply parroted the "a marriage is between a man and a woman" line she's heard countless times in church. Her answer was a mess. An insincere appreciation for an untrue fact followed by a cliche. But now it's being repackaged by her supporters as a brave expression of her faith. I think that gives her too much credit for thinking about what she was saying. At least Miss Panama was trying to use her brain to make an educated guess rather than just stringing random phrases together.

I do give her credit for coining the phrase "opposite marriage." I think I'm in an opposite marriage. It's the opposite of everything a marriage should be. (rim shot) (I'm kidding, Honey! Just a harmless joke, dear.)