Monday, May 18, 2009

Hubble Repairs II

This is my second episode about Hubble repairs -- the first was back in 2008. You can find it in the archive if you're curious. I really do wonder how they could possibly take a part up there and then discover that it doesn't fit during a space walk. That's astounding to me.

Are you happy I'm back to news items after a week of bad movie ideas? Here's a cool photo of the repairs.

I think it would be hard to concentrate on repairs with a view like that. I think Mike Massimino would agree. Mike is one of two astronauts twittering from orbit. Is it just me, or does Mike's Twitter background look better suited to Astronaut Barbie?


Red Pill Junkie said...

NASA is great, but it suffers from bureaucratitis. Which sadly is one of the reasons why we haven't gone to Mars yet —the other reason being the Mars Face and other alien artifacts scattered all over the Red Planet, of course ;-)

shipping troll said...

NASA.... It really IS rocket science!