Friday, February 6, 2009

Teleportation Milestone

Think teleportation is just a cheesy special effect on Star Trek? Well, get ready to have your mind totally blown.

I must note that some of the script of this episode was lifted verbatim from this article posted on LiveScience. I thought about rewriting the information to avoid the plagiarism issue, but my head started to hurt. It was a lot easier to just quote and give them credit. Don't ask me what any of that means.

While looking for a still from the classic movie "The Fly" I found that David Cronenberg directed an opera version of his 1986 film version. It opened in Paris and played in L.A. last year. Music is by Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings) and the libretto is by David Henry Hwang (M. Butterfly). I'm not an opera fan, but this sounds pretty cool. Anyone see it?


PIRARO said...

I have not seen the opera, but I'd love to.
Just wanted to say I've been way behind on Deadpan episodes and just now caught up. Great stuff, you continue to entertain and enlighten. In fact, I think you're getting better all the time.
And I think the Australian Fruit Bat episode was terrific, no apologies necessary.
Also, the YouTube clips of the songs don't work for me. They say "video no longer available." Is that happening for you, or does my computer have PMS?
Also also, it seems to me the male character spoke more quickly in earlier episodes, then slowed down noticeably. I'm too lazy to research this. Sometimes his speech is distractingly slow. I liked the faster version better. Unless there never was a difference, in which case I just need to back off my dosage a little.
Excellent work, I continue to refer this site to my friends and enemies.

Dave Stratton said...

Thanks Dan. The voice speed is totally out of my control. They (xtranormal) slowed him down in December -- and it drives me nuts. It bugs me that he sounds over-medicated. It's affecting how I write these -- I could never have given him the tech dialog in today's episode.

I'll check out what's happening with the song clips. Feel free to do your own version of Blind Man -- don't let missing the chance to win the Gallardo stop you.

Thanks again for your continued support. It means a lot to me.

Dave Stratton said...

Just checked the Blind Man clips and they're working fine now. Don't know what the problem might have been.