Monday, February 16, 2009

Mother's Milk

Last week, I moved up a Valentine's Day clip meant for today so it could run on the 14th, and I could cover up that fact that I forgot to post it on Friday, but that meant there wouldn't be a new clip today. Did you follow that? Never mind. Anyway, I threw together a quickie so you would have something new to snicker at today.

In the interest of search engine optimization, I have to mention "human breast milk from a goat." My site tracking software, in addition to giving me the name and phone number of every guest (I'll be calling you soon), can show me the referring URL -- the site you were on when you clicked over to DI.* From that I can see that I'm getting more and more new guests from Google searches. My Brain Worms episode is now a first page result for the search "brain worms" and I get a lot of traffic from that. I like to think I bring a little bit of joy to people who have just been given a disturbing diagnosis of brain worms. I feel good about that.

*Don't worry, I was just kidding about the name and phone number -- I don't get any personal user data about you, Jennifer.

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