Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gentlemen's Club Hazards

Once again, the news proves to be a never ending source of material.

If you're not familiar with Lucite stripper shoes, here's a typical example.

Sexy! Right? Am I missing something? I'm a straight guy, so I oughta be turned on by this, right? I don't get it.

By the way, the litigant in the story waited a year before filing his lawsuit. I imagine him taking that long to get up the courage to have the following conversation with his wife: "Remember last year when that drunk jerk punched me in the face and broke my nose? Well...there wasn't really any drunk jerk..."


Smooth said...

Ugliest foot ever.

On a side note, that makes two straight days of shoe-themed Deadpan Inc. episodes. This site is going to earn a high Google PageRank for certain fetishists if this keeps up.

shipping troll said...

Having working in a strip club for far too many years, I will share a few things about those shoes. First, they are clear so that they appeal to the foot fetishists. Second, most strippers emulate other strippers and if one has them, they all have them. Third they wear high heels to help sculpt the calf, and turn on the leg fetishists. Fourth, they provide some extra height since a lot of these girls (that I have worked with anyway) are in the under 5'4" demographic. Lastly, when dealing with a room full of drunken men they make a pretty handy weapon in a hurry, a little girl can get a lot of force into the little point of a heel. I have actually seen one embedded in a shoulder. They have the weight to add force to a kick and let me tell you when a dancer kicks you with one of those shoes on, you never forget it.

Jeremy said...

When i was struck by a large truck the lawyer I was dealing with said that you have to wait until you are medically stationary to file. Because if you file and something bigger comes out of the injury, only treatments and diagnoses administered before the filing can be considered. So it could have taken him a year to fully heal.