Friday, February 13, 2009

The Robot Head of Holly Hunter

I once created a trade show exhibit that featured the robot talking head of Sherlock Holmes. The guy who synchronized the robot's mouth to the soundtrack was amazing. It wasn't automatic like this technology is. He punched a keyboard along with the soundtrack in real time, like playing a musical instrument. I guess it was like advanced puppeteering, but it was still impressive. But I digress.

Here's the choice presented in the episode. Which would you choose?

Actually, I don't think I'd want either robot head sitting on my desk. It wouldn't take long before I developed an unhealthy Tom Hanks/Wilson volleyball relationship.

Second day in a row that celebrities have been featured prominently. Maybe that's how Deadpan Inc. will really take off. The celebrity will Google him/herself, find the episode about him/her, and then go on Letterman and tell Dave all about Deadpan Inc. I can dream. The ball's in your court, Holly.

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