Monday, February 9, 2009

Eight is Enough

I couldn't let this news story go by without comment.

You know what is a miracle? That some people can see what this woman did as okay while thinking that using discarded embryos for stem cell research is "against God's will." If she couldn't get pregnant the natural way, maybe God didn't want her to be a mother. Choosing to manufacture 14 babies doesn't look very respectful of God's will to me.

I have no gripe whatsoever with anyone who wants to use in vitro responsibly to have a baby or two. Just don't trot out God to justify your actions. If you turn to science to get what you want, give science the credit.

Regarding the issue of selective reduction...if you think that discarding embryos is a waste of "human life," maybe you shouldn't do in vitro. Maybe you should accept God's will that you be adoptive parents. Better that than having a litter you can't raise without exploiting the charity of others. I'm just sayin'.

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Jeremy said...

Even as a somewhat religous person, I can't argue with your logic. I have seen the miracle of childbirth twice in person and its indeed an amazing thing. But My and my wife made them the natural way.

I honeslty have not read anywhere in the Bible where you are encouraged to have as many kids as possible. I understand be fruitful and multiply, but that doesn't sound like screws like rabbits and have the biggest litter. I HAVE read in the Jewish Mitzvot that you are required to have one female and one male child to fulfill that. Well, I did that, so I figured I'm set there and got myself modified to avoid future mishaps.

I watch Big Love occasionally and I don't know where they get their theology from. They seem to think having as many wives as possible and as many kids as possible as their key into heaven. Yuck...