Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lap Dances for Haiti

I actually respect these people for trying to help out.

All kinds of corporations (oil companies, tobacco companies, etc.) try to burnish their images by giving to charity. Why shouldn't a strip club? I guess they have been trying to do something like this for years, but no charity wanted to be associated with them. But in this case, the International Services for Hope charity welcomed their money.

This gives me a good chance to mention that even though it's not it the news that much anymore, they still need our help in Haiti. I'm pretty sure you can still text HAITI to 90999 to contribute $10 to the Red Cross. It's cheaper, and actually makes you feel better, than a lap dance.

I love how the YouTube thumbnail caught Brad in the act of making air quotes.


Leigh said...

This is not related to this post but

I don't know anything about your process of video creation so I'm assuming you use some generic voices and what not but even still...

This country needs to hurry up and embrace sex so that strippers and prostitutes, etc, can be active in helping others without having to do it on the DL. They've got it worse than atheists in some states! hehe

Dave Stratton said...

That clip was created by the same software I use (at www.xtranormal.com), just a different set of characters and "world."

Coincidentally, just before seeing your comment, I asked you for another suggestion on the Facebook fan page. Been too busy to look for odd news lately...not to put any pressure here, but the censored dictionary was a good one.

Leigh said...

haha, lol.

So, I actually follow you via my RSS reader. I fan'd you on Facebook as I do that to make my friends aware of things I like but I "hide" most things on Facebook to keep the chatter down.

I am outofocus on Twitter. I hashtagged you the first time. ;)

I will have to think about suggestions but a few things I've been amused/disturbed/titillated by in the past 24 hrs:

Drunk Hulk

Foot Pillows:

This is just pure sex:

I don't know how people can't be excited by that. But I'm addicted to the BBC show Top Gear so yeah...

I admit that I can not imagine these being dialoged about though... But that IS your thing. ;) The banned dictionary one just associated with Deadpan instantly in my head.


I promise if I come across another insta-association I will let you know.

Leigh said...

I can see this one being interesting to play with:


Dave Stratton said...

Thanks, I'll check all these out when I get a chance. I've actually been busy with real work lately, so I haven't had much time for finding interesting news items. Darn clients paying me money and making me write stuff for them. Don't they know I have stupid videos to make? They're not going to make themselves!