Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lotion Bandit

This episode practically wrote itself. It's one of those cases where the true story is funny enough that you don't have to do much more than just tell it. Enjoy.

I do really wonder what this guy was thinking. Was he planning on renting one of those kiosks and setting up his own business there at the mall, where he could just wander over to Bath & Body Works whenever he needed to replenish his stock? If so, you have to admire the creative entrepreneurial thinking of the guy.


shipping troll said...

Every time I think I have heard the pinnacle of Moron-dom, there is another plateau yet to be achieved!

CraigM said...

Awesome. I'd make a terrible guard, because I would certainly be hampered by uncontrollable laughter. (What did this guy's pants even look like with all those bottles in there?)

Christina Awesome said...

I imagine it would look something like the MC Hammer pants, just longer.