Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quitter Doctors

Hey, Deadpan Inc. fans -- notice anything different? The officemates are in a new location. They're not where they seem to be, however. You'll see.

I try not to let the quirks of the authoring program drive the humor. These characters will never comment on their robotic voices or how there's no one else in the office, and there's a fart noise I could use that I promise I never will. (If I ever use the fart noise, you'll know I jumped the shark.) Their comments on this location come dangerously close to breaking my rule. Oh well. I am a rule breaker. A maverick, if you will.

I wouldn't blame you if you didn't turn on your computer tomorrow. There'll probably be turkey to eat, football to watch and family members to alienate. But if you do sneak away get your DI fix, it'll be here for you.

Travel safely.


munchy365 said...

ahh, that sucks that they have that new logo thing at the end D:

PIRARO said...

All of these are good, this one is extra good. I have to say I really like them commenting on the background.