Friday, November 21, 2008

Double Arm Transplant

I don't really have anything to add to this clip, so I'll just remind you that I welcome your feedback on these postings, or any aspect of my life for that matter. Of course, adoring, even fawning, feedback is preferable to the "constructive" kind. You can show me some love with a comment below or by emailing me at david dot stratton at sbcglobal dot en ee tee.

Despite what I said about "constructive" feedback, if you have an alternate punchline to any of my posts that you think will make me laugh, please send it. I like to laugh.

What do you think the German farmer is looking forward to most? Put your answer in the phrase "dressing himself, riding his motorcycle and (blank)." Whoever sends me the funniest answer will have his or her name featured in an upcoming Deadpan Inc. episode. What a treat that will be.


Lucky said...

"dressing himself, riding his motorcycle and unicycle"

"dressing himself, riding his motorcycle, and playing soccer"

those are the ironic ones, here's what you were looking for...

"dressing myself, riding his motorcycle, and finishing a dump in privacy" get it...because he can finally wi...nevermind

Smooth said...

I really enjoy your blog. The genital tongue episode was particularly delightful.

"dressing himself, riding his motorcycle and eating pie in individual slices"
"...and fitting in when riding a rollercoaster"
"...and making balloon animals"

Anonymous said...

'Ello there!

Keep up the good work! I really enjoy your posts.

PIRARO said...

This continues to be brilliant. It's my favorite new habit.

Here are my German farmer punch lines:
...and practicing semifore.
...and not talking about Hitler.
...and raisin' the roof.
...and following rules quietly and without question. (a common German trait.)
...and learning trapeze. (rip!)

Cellar Door said...

I'll give you a hand in your judging here and say that Piraro's "raisin' the roof" is the best. He is a professional, of course, but I guess that's no reason to elbow him out of the competition. Although, I'd also like to give a thumb's up to Smooth's "making balloon animals." And I'll give an honorary high-five to Lucky's more ironic suggestions, of course.

Dick Tschingadero said...

No, no. I think the cleaning the haybaler is the number one line for this post.

I mean, the idea that this was where he lost his arms in the first place the idea that he'll find them in here when he goes back to clean it is just priceless.

Dave Stratton said...

About the hay bailer... I just thought it was funny that he would risk his new arms doing what cost him his first set. It didn't occur to me that he'd find the old ones still in there. You have a sick mind, Dick. I like it.

Anonymous said...

excellent posts!

"...and hugging his monkey"
"...and posting comments to deadpan blog"

Bonnach said...

Love your blog! I like it because the guy sounds just like me. I have that kind of voice the women can't seem to get enough of.

How about...
"dressing himself, riding his motorcycle and picking his nose"
or "dressing himself, riding his motorcycle and water skiing" or "dressing himself, riding his motorcycle and smoking crack"