Monday, November 24, 2008


Speaking of technology, a lot of people have been asking how I do these. The application is available in beta at I'm not thrilled about giving up my secret sauce, but it couldn't be avoided for much longer. They're starting to slap their logo on the end of each clip.

I can't complain -- it is free.

You start by choosing from a small library of locations and characters; then you type in your script. The software handles the mouth movements, and then you insert pauses, body movements and different camera angles wherever you like. You can also let the progam choose your camera angles for you, but I could never give up that control.

Hopefully, before long, people will stop asking "How do you do that?" and start asking "How to you keep bringing the semi-funny?" (Assuming I can keep bringing the semi-funny...) Keep watching this week for special Thanksgiving and Black Friday episodes.

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Dave, you are hilarious! Thank you for sharing your blog with me! Love you~ Christy