Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cardboard Baby Cribs

I just realized this title could be misleading. It's about cribs that are made out of cardboard, not cribs for cardboard babies. Just wanted to clarify.

As tacky as these may be, they must be safer than conventional cribs. Every time I check the news, there's another recall of baby cribs. It seems that all conventional cribs are designed by mad baby-haters so that they will fall apart and strangle your child. Can't something be done to keep baby haters out of the crib business?

Mucho thanks to my new BFF Dan Piraro of Bizarro fame for featuring Deadpan Inc. on his highly enertaining blog. At the risk of embarrassing Dan, I have to say that he has been one of my comedy heroes for years, so hearing he liked my work was quite a treat.


le_sacre said...

yeah, bizzaroblog directed me here, and now i've got you bookmarked for daily viewing. great stuff!

ldisme said...

Hope cardboard boxes don't suddenly become expensive now, lol