Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Butt Sniffer Manhunt

Here's another true story that can't be ignored.

I saw the security camera footage of this incident and it's very strange. The guy spent about ten minutes trying to get a good whiff, pretending to reach for products on the lower shelves nearby, and not even being discreet about it. Very bizarre. But I did wonder what law they were going to use once they caught the guy. That convenient catch-all "disorderly conduct"? Do they have that in England?


Carol said...

According to Time Magazine (8/10/2009), "Among the many gray areas and judgment calls in law enforcement, disorderly conduct is one of the fuzziest...Like all aspects of modern-day policing, it has its roots in British common law."

This doesn't clarify if the law exists in Great Britain today, but it seems likely.

Piraro said...

This one rocks my world. I'm forwarding it to several select friends. Well done!

Smooth said...

Hooray, a new episode! It's a good one, too. Also, I finally remembered to become a fan on Facebook. I feel so cool now.

Red Pill Junkie said...

See? that's why I'm convinced that good people are rewarded in the next life by reincarnating into dogs, which can indulge in but-sniffing and ball-licking in public places ;)

Happy New Year, Dave!