Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lucid Dreaming IV

The Lucid Dreaming series of last year was popular, so here's another installment. If you'd like to check out the others in this series, go to Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming II and Lucid Dreaming III. Enjoy.

And just for easy reference, here are some pictures of Rihanna. She looks nice.


Smooth said...

If a computerized voice could be described as "dripping with contempt", that's what I'd call Lily's last line.

Anonymous said...

Lily's instruction to "fly away from the truth" is the sexiest part of Brad's dream. And possibly the most heartbreaking. Let's hope he catches on.
Lily is the truth. With her cute little asian chopstick hair bun, or otherwise.

I guess that's just the hopeless romantic in me talking.

Anyway, I love Brad's finger pointing for emphasis, and his come hither boxer shorts. I'm taking notes... and looking forward to my first Lucid Dream.

shipping troll said...

I guess he hasn't REALLY gotten the hang of it has he.... In MY lucid dreams My fantasy women don't argue with me at all, they simply break my heart and walk out of my dreams flipping me off as they go.