Saturday, November 14, 2009

Esquire Technology

I still have a subscription to Esquire Magazine, solely for the "A Funny Joke Told by a Beautiful Woman" page. Though, to be honest, without Esquire, how would I know how to roll up my sleeves?

Seriously, do they focus group these ideas? Did anyone actually say to them, "You know what's missing in your magazine? The ability to wave it in front of a computer to launch web pages. That would be awesome." Is it just me, or do you get a hint of desperation in the face of the death of print media? I guess if I worked at a magazine, I'd be freaking out too.

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Dave Stratton said...

Update: A first edition of Darwin's "Origin of the Species" that experts say may be worth $100,000 has been found in someone's "toilet bookcase." It's a shame that the collector who ends up buying it will have to keep it in their bathroom, because a rule is a rule--no exceptions. Article here.