Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recession Brothel

As I mentioned yesterday, this week we are counting down to Friday's 100th episode. For those of you checking my calculations, I'm not counting the results of the Blind Man musician challenge, nor the one vacation rerun. I'm also not counting the Facebook exclusives. This is #97. Only three left. Enjoy.

Seriously, what man could make love to a woman for a full hour if this temptation was nearby?

Okay, I admit it -- making fun of German food was one last blatant pander to my vegan friends. Sorry.

If you're bummed about the end of Deadpan Inc., you can do something about it. Help me find a way to make this endeavor financially viable. Is there a popular, well-funded site that you think could be a home for DI? Contact them and tell them they need to hire me and pay me for my work. Is there a TV show that you think could use my writing talent? Flood their message boards with suggestions to check out my work and hire me. Is your uncle an agent who represents writing talent for television? Tell him about me. Know an ad agency that needs a sharp CD/copywriter? Tell them to hire me.

I'm not looking to get rich off DI. An astoundingly small amount of money would justify keeping it going. No matter what happens with DI, there will soon be other things online from me that you might enjoy. I'll use this blog to let you know what's next -- so keep checking back.

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