Friday, March 13, 2009

Bionic Eye

If you're going to have a glass eye, why not put a camera in it? Brilliant.

After finishing this clip, it occurred to me that sighted people can see through the eyes of a blind person simply by closing their eyes. I'm surprised that didn't occur to Lily.


Jeremy said...

Hahahaha, that's great. Good point about the eyes of a blind person being eyes closed.

I wonder if it occurred to you to bring up Star Trek: Generations where the Duras sisters put a camera in Geordi's VISOR? Its a similar situation, if only the person was unaware that his eye was being used for that purpose.

PIRARO said...

Love the concept you're exploring. I hate to say it, but I expected the woman's response to the final question to be, "Because I have a vagina."
Was that sexist?

Dave Stratton said...

Yes, Dan, horribly sexist. I can't imagine why anyone would propogate a stereotype about women like that. And I'm not just saying that because my wife and daughter often read this. No not at all. They let me win arguments all the time. Really. Just ask them.