Saturday, April 3, 2010

Touchless Soap Dispenser

This seems to be a totally different subject, but it could be considered a sequel to last week's health care reform episode, which for some reason is getting 10x the normal number of YouTube views.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a socialist, at least not all the time. Free-market capitalism is great for some things. If it weren't for free-market capitalism, we'd all still be toting around Commodore SX64s. Here's what that looks like:

I used to use a box like that to program multimedia shows. (I'm really old.) That open bay is for a second $400 170 KB floppy drive, which was handy for making back-up floppies. But I digress.

I'm glad capitalism drives so much innovation and creativity, most of the time. But when it comes to my health insurance, I'm not sure a corporate entity whose primary objective is maximizing ROI for the investment community has my best interests at heart. There it seems all the innovation and creativity goes into finding new ways to screw us.

Here's one of those nifty soap dispensers. Only thirty bucks (batteries not included). Note the handy built-in tray for catching the inevitable dribbles due to lack of hand/motion-sensor coordination.


Reine said...

That Brad, what a "thug!" wit dat gangsta "Oh girl" bob and weave shiz-nitz. And my DH still has the commodore in the garage somewhere ... old, very old.

I like to think you got 10x the hits on "Health Reform ..." because I shared it from my FB page, but chances are it's due to the key word "puppy" in the title.

I wonder what the perfect key word analytic for youtube hits would yield as a super hit-able title for anything? Hmmm? Suggestions?

Leigh said...

I agree with you.

I always wanted a Commodore 64. My first computer was a Tandy 1000EX. Dual floppy. I ran a BBS on it and played Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island, Police Quest, etc, on it.

But I'm not old. I refuse.

Carol said...

So are you saying that health care reform is getting more hits than pussy shaving? If so, we're all in trouble.

Dave Stratton said...

Maybe if I had put "pussy" in the title it would have gotten a lot more views -- since the Internet loves cute kitty-cats. Just can't stoop to such cheap SEO.

Had to moderate my first comment today. Not because it was negative, but because it was just a list of links to sites that sell cheap sunglasses (or possibly infect your hard drive with digital herpes). No thanks, sunglasses selling dude -- I'll moderate your ass, every time.