Monday, March 8, 2010

Shaving Accident

Here's another news item from Florida. I'm actually in Florida as I write this, working with some local guys that in no way live up to the stereotype set by some of the stories I've covered previously.

Please allow me this blatant bit of content-relevant SEO: pussy shaving. I feel more than a little dirty doing that, but you know it's going to boost my page views.


Jurguens said...

Excellent. I laughed my head off with this.

I love that final twist. Very supportive indeed.

shipping troll said...

I wanna know if she was using a regular razor, or an electric one...and electric razor buzzes a little and... Aw, you figure it out!!

Anonymous said...

Hey dave, i met you in Miami, at the Eden Roc. I finally visited your site after a long time of being sidetracked. I dig it man, great work, this post is hilarious btw, although it kind of makes me embarrassed to be from Florida.