Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Full Body Scans

I'm with Brad on this one. I'm much more concerned about the government tapping my phone and tracking my web surfing than I am about some bored TSA employee taking a peek inside my Haynes boxer-briefs. (To my lady-friends, regarding that mental image...you're welcome.)

This script could have gone on for several more minutes. I'll post the additional script at the fanpage on Facebook. There's a link to the right, if you'd like to go there. But if you do go there, you have to click "Become a Fan." It's the only way to protect your identity from the Nigerian scammers who administer my page. See you there.

Oh, and here's a picture of Kelly Ripa for those who don't know who Brad is talking about. She looks nice. (She's the one on the right.) Don't make eye contact with the cat--it'll steal your soul.

Wow, I never noticed those guns before. Do they test for 'roids at ABC? I'm not really a big fan--though she is a cutey--I just thought she'd be a quirky choice for Brad.


shipping troll said...

That's a good one, And it makes a great point, for every hot chick your gonna get 25 wal-martians.... EEWWWW! Interesting that I read about the scanners though all they can see is the contours, but if a fat blob like myself hides something under a flap of flab ( there's a mental picture for you!) it would stay concealed. I still say that the best deterrent would be flying nekkid. Let the flight attendants hand out prison style jumpsuits once your in the air.

Cellar Door said...

There was an Airplane! movie where they could see through your clothing, too.

I laughed a lot at this one. thanks. :D